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How much would you pay to have a clone of you working along side you? $1,000?  More?

Make more $$ by getting A LOT more done!
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ONE TIME OFFER - $37: Listen in your car or while working out or doing chores! Get mp3s of all the videos that make sense to be listened to. This is about 80%-90% of the videos.

What Can This Program Do For You?
--> Make you happier with your day to day work
--> Get less mental resistance from your brain to do tasks you don't want to do ==> Decrease need for massive amounts of willpower & understand how willpower works
--> Spend less time on email and other messaging
--> Be less distracted by email and other messaging
--> Don't miss important emails and other messages
--> Help you stay focused on what's important all day every day
--> Reach your goals faster
--> Understand how to apply critical productivity principles to work for you every day
--> Understand how to avoid critical hidden productivity killers every day
--> Use the computer faster
--> Waste less work time
--> Ignore distractions better
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